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Smart Dr. Mirror

Newest Intelligent Full Facial Analyser

Data Speaks Louder Than Words !

Enhancing Patient Understanding By Scientific Visual Clarity For IncreasingYour Practice to

MultiFold Times

Easily Capture High Quality Standardised Facial Images Quantitative Analysis &

Visual Assessment Clear Communication

  • A Professional  Revenue Generating System

  • Accurate Facial Skin Diagnosis

Special Features:

  • 1500 Pixel Camera HD Lens for Highest Image Quality

  • 10 " HD Screen with 180 degree Multi-Directional Ultra Sensitive Touch Screen Display

  • Ergonomic Design of Medical Soft Silicone Chin Rest For Better Comfort

  • Foldable Removable & Retractable Environment Friendly Shield Ensure Good Shooting Environment

  • Advanced Software with Cloud Sharing, Wifi, Print Report, Patient Database Management, Logo, Customisation, Software & Updating, Advertising Promotion, Batch Management, Data Sharing,

  • Evaluate & Compare Images

  • Premium Quality Medical ABS Material with Streamlined Compact Design


Spectrum          :      RGB + UV + PL Analysis

Speed                :      20 - 30 sec

Net Weight      :      6.5 Kg / 9.1 Kg

Voltage             :     220 V

Dimensions     :      57 x 16 x 26 cm


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