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Stardust Med Diode Laser

The Definitive Diode Laser

808nm  /  755 + 808 + 1064nm

Efficient, Powerful and Innovative, Beyond anything Imagined !

Continuous Wi-Fi for Immediate Assistance

  • Made in Italy

An innovative technology that finally manages to bring together the most powerful laser emitting diode consistent with the innovative double cooling system with copper and gold microchannels.

  • Painless & Suitable

The most advanced apparatus for progressively definitive depilation, completely painless and suitable for all skin types.

  • Never Before Seen Performance

With Stardust Med, epilation treatments achieve never before seen performance. We have combined 808 nm of laser power in a single stack of diodes, the performance of the 755 nm Alexandrite and the efficiency of the 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser. In this way, you can solve the most complex epilation cases with unprecedented performance.

  • Maximum Precision

Added to these is the exclusive sapphire crystal which, due to its extreme purity eliminates unwanted light refractions guaranteeing maximum precision for the highest level treatment. Its cooling up to -5 ?C in contact with skin ensures epilation sessions in maximum comfort.

How Does The New Stardust Med Laser Work??

  • Selectively Hits

With the new Stardust Med we use the principle of Selective Accumulative Photothermolysis, thanks to which the energy of the laser beam only selectively hits the part of the tissue that needs it due to the effect of different absorption of light at different wavelengths, respecting the Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) of the skin.

  • Fast To Use

Fast to use, effective and permanent, the new Stardust Med Laser ensures a reduction of bulbar endowment of up to 90% in reduced times.

  • Long Lasting

We produce clear, long-lasting results even on complex tissue and not uniformly pigmented

  • Right Amount of Energy

Selectively hitting the target, only the latest technology can propagate the right amount of energy for an adequate time. In this way, the laser beam is solely absorbed by the hair bulb, which is damaged by continuing to accumulate heat, compromising the enzymatic exchange with the germination papilla and therefore the life cycle of the hair.

Revolutionary Cooling System

The high-power bars of the Diode Laser develop a lot of heat and need to be continuously cooled. In our Stardust Med we have inserted an advanced micro-channel cooling system (MCC Micro-Channel Cooler) combined with gold and copper heat exchangers to increase the efficiency and lifespan of the machinery, without any thermal damage or loss of power.

Micro-channel cooling is an advanced technology that minimises the distance between the heat source and the coolant, increasing the efficiency and the lifespan of the handprobe. In this way, the machine can reach higher power without any heat damage or loss of power in the long term.

More Accurate and Effective Treatments

A Diode That Emits Highly Efficient Laser Light

Laser diodes are not all the same: their coating, for example, makes a big difference. Stardust Med has been specially designed withan innovative diode, equipped with a MPRS coating (Mirror Polished Reflecting Surface), which boosts laser light rebounds and increases the effectiveness, at the same power.

  • High Emission Power 

  • Machinery That Lasts Over Time

  • Guaranteed Results Straightaway!

Extraordinary Technology in The Heart of The Machine

A latest-generation processor that constantly monitors all the operating parameters and the emission of the laser beam emitted by the diode with extreme precision, adapting them in real time based

While the apparatus is in action, it analyses – a billion times per second – parameters such as temperature, power, pulse times and edits them immediately while the treatment is being performed, in full autonomy, to obtain the best result on each specific patient.

The result is a longer lifetime of the diode and precise and high level work on each individual patient.

Specifications :

Laser Wavelength                   :        808 nm (Single wavelength) or 755 + 808 + 1064 nm (Triple Wavelength)                                  

Laser Handpiece Power          :        800 W

Spot Size                                  :        10 mm x 10 mm

Energy                                      :        1 - 60 J/cm2                     

Pulse Width                               :        10 - 300 ms

Frequency                                  :       1 - 10 Hz.

Display                                       :       Touch Screen 

Laser                                          :       Class 4             

Power                                         :       1800 W

Net Weight                                  :      29 Kg

Dimensions Without Packaging  :  32x42x48 cm

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