Puffy Eye Bags ,     Double Chin ,   Eye Wrinkle ,     Hyperhidrosis ,     Acne ,     Blackhead  


  • RF System: 1MHz, Mono-polar & Bi-polar

Square Form Waves Minimize The Deviation of Energy to Adjacent Tissues and Maximizes The Effectiveness of RF Energy Delivery.

  • Safety and Guaranteed Result of Treatment

Agnes is Equipped with a Safety Checking System for the Micro-Insulated Needle.

The Micro-Insulation on The Needle Protects the Epidermis From Possible Burns.

The Precise Length of Insulation on The Needle is The Result of Years of Anatomical and Clinical Studies

  • Developed By Dermatologist Dr. Ahn , 

  • High Technology Needle ,

  • Needle Safety Checking System

  • Square Waveform RF

  • Targeted Tissue Coagulation Function


AGNES Utilizes the Stable and Effective Technology of RF Energy on the Base of Electrocoagulation and Electro-Thermolysis. «AGNES Focuses its RF Energy on the Targeted Tissue, Taking into Consideration the Anatomical Structure of the Skin, for a Precise Application.» The Micro-Insulated Needle is used to Transmit the Energy for the Destruction of Specific Tissues in Sebaceous Glands (For The Acne Treatment). It is Also Used For Combustion of Fat Under The Eye, to Treat Under Eye Bags. It is Also Used for Stimulation of Collagen (To Induce Neocollagenesis

for Periorbital Wrinkles).

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