Diacell Peel


Diacell Peel

True Hybrid Medical Facial Device

Applying Newest Generation: TransAbrasion with Hybrid Ultrasound

 A MultiModal Facial Revitalisation Treatment Strategy

  • Tornado Diamand Physical Peeling, Exfoliation Cell Regeneration

  • Electroporation Active Ingredient Intensification

  • Hydropeel Sebum Stimulation Follicle Removal Make-up Residue

  • Wet 3-D Cellular Desquamation for Skin Hydration with  TransAbrasion  DIACELLPeel Using Exclusive Whirlwind Diamond Tip.

  • Tornado Peeling with Dermal Infusion & Powerful Sound Pressure.

  • UV Sterilization Box to safely disinfect Whirlwind Diamond Tips for Hygiene & Skin Safety


Make a Thin Hole in the Skin by Applying Electrical Energy & Allowing the Effective Solution to Penetrate Deeply.

3/10 MHz Hybrid Multi-Frequency Modulated Ultrasonic Wave with LED

  • There are Two Different High-Frequency Ultrasounds which can act on Different Skin Levels, Promote Cell Activity, Stimulate a Variety of Biochemical Reactions for Flawless, Radiant Baby Soft Skin

  • 3MHz / 10 Mhz Ultrasound Transfers Heat & Energy directly to 1 cm (3Mhz) & 0.3 cm (10 Mhz) from the surface to the depth of skin with 3 million (3 Mhz) & 10 million (10Mhz) vibrations per second, Stimulating the Dermis Layers and delivering to the cell unit deep into the tissue for micro-massage effect.

  • Nano Ultrasound focuses the epidermis and dermis, to promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the major fibrous protein tissues that make up the skin.

  • 3 +10 MHz Multi-Frequency Hybrid Modulated Ultrasound maximizes the benefits of Nano Ultrasound. As a technique, inhibits the proteolysis enzyme, MMPs enzyme, increases the collagen-producing enzyme HSPs, & increases the GAGs to promote the growth and recovery of cells. 

Diasono Specifications

Suction Pressure              :     Max 750 mm Hg

Power                                :     800 W

Suction Level                   :      Adjustable

Flow LEVEL                      :      Adjustable

Electroporation Level        :     Adjustable

LED                                  :     Blue LED / When In Motion LED ON Ultrasound

Frequency Selection        :     3MHz, 10MHz, 3/10MHz

Level                                :     Adjustable

Mode                               :     10 Program Mode / 2 User Mode

LED                                 :     Blue LED / When In Motion LED ON 


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