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How to Market Your Practice

Does New Technology Really Attract Clients, How ?

One of the things that makes the medico beauty industry so exciting is the near constant influx of new technologies, new techniques and new research related to cosmetic enhancement and anti-aging. Not surprisingly, practitioners and facilities that want to maintain their market share must stay up to date on the latest advances in aesthetic enhancement and be willing to adopt new technologies that deliver better outcomes or provide new solutions for difficult-to-treat concerns. it helps to attract and retain patients who want to experience the latest and greatest procedures.
It is key to investigate new technologies thoroughly prior to purchase and create a plan that will ensure adequate demand once the new device or treatment is in place.

Investigating New Technologies

Once you have determined that your practice and patients will benefit from a new technology, it’s time to decide which device you should purchase. so you want to look at not only the reputation of the manufacturer, references from qualified professionals and the specific device, but also what kind of training, marketing support, consumables and prompt after sales can be provided.

Attracting Patients To New Technology

Once you’ve decided on a device, the real work begins. In order to maximize the potential of new technologies and treatments, practices must take a three-prong marketing approach that includes:
• Creating awareness among both prospective and existing patients; include: video loops in reception areas, in office signage, patient newsletters, blog posts and social media announcements.
• Generating interest by showing patients what your new technology has to offer; Generating PR through your local media is another way to create awareness and garner interest.
• Motivating action by giving patients a reason to send a whats-app or make an appointment.
Educational Blog posts should be short & announce new treatment which appear on your website, social media and in your patient newsletters.
Staying abreast of new technologies and offering your patients the most effective treatment options is key to creating—and maintaining—a thriving medical aesthetics practice. With careful planning and a commitment to internal and external marketing efforts, you can help ensure that patients in your community will enthusiastically welcome your new treatment options.

SUMIT ARORA is the CEO of aesthetic business consulting firm. Contact him at info@teknoderm.in

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