Micro Frac


Micro Frac

A Perfect FiT for your Practice!

Advanced Micro Channelling for Stimulation of Tissues & Healing of Skin for Improving Skin Texture

Indications :

  • Skin Rejuvenation,

  • Anti-Ageing,

  • Revitatlisation,

  • Lifting.

Precisely Adjustable Depth depending upon the skin's ability & area (cheek / forehead/ lips / around the eyes)

Micro Frac Helps in Deliverying Active

Molecules Deep into the skin Dermis

No Side Effects & Suitable for All Skin Types

Micro Frac is a Professional Model (Better than Derma Roller / Derma / Meso Pen / Gun)

Instant Visible Change

No Pain / Discomfort / LA

Short Recovery Period & Lunch Time


No Downtime


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