Aqua Oxy jet


Aqua Oxy jet

A Powerful Combination of Medical Facial : Contact-Less & Skin Contact

99 % Oxygen & A Customised Serum Injects into the Face by Targetted Stream of Air like a Jet


Silent Device Uses Supersonic Speed of 200 m/s & Micorionisation of droplets to create Barophoresis, Allowing Penetration of Active Ingredients into the Dermal Skin Layer.

  • Immediate Visible Change
  • Boosts Hydration, Radiance & Collagen
  • Exfoliation & Nourishment
  • Blow off the Dead Impurities
  • Minimizes Fine Lines
  • Tightens Large Pores
  • Brightens Dark Spots
  • Can be Combined with Laser Treamtents & Post-Cosmetic Surgery to Improve Results
  • Handpiece Never Touches the Skin
  • No Contact, Safe for Sensitive Skin & Broken Capillaries

Anti Aging    




Hair Care



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