Smooth Ice +


Smooth Ice +

1. Permanent Hair Removal for all kinds color of Hair and all kinds of Skin Type:

2. Skin Rejuvenation ;


  1. Imported diode laser bar, laser output power optional 300W / 600W;

  2. More than 20,000,000 shots ensure longer life time;

  3. Special Spot Size Comparison Technology ensures High Energy output;

  4. Cooling Sapphire Tip+Air+Water+TEC+Semiconductor Cooling System ensure 24hours work;

  5. Intelligent Working System with Water Flow, Water Level and Water Temperature Alarm;

  6. High Frequency up to 20HZ ensures Fast Hair Removal.


Laser Power  :  600W                                                        

Wavelength  :  808nm, 755nm, 1064nm                                  Spot Size       :  12x10mm2/12x20mm2

Pulse Width  :  10-350ms adjustable                                       Laser Shots    :  20.000.000 Shots

Display          :   8”Color touch LCD Screen                             Voltage          :   220/110V,50/60HZ

Frequency     :    1-10HZ/20HZ                                                Size                :    52x42x52CM, 9.8KGS

Energy           :    300W: 1-120J/cm2 adjustable                      

                           600W: 1-166J/cm2 adjustable
Cooling          :     Water+Air+Semiconductor+TEC+Sapphire


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