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Skin Air Boxing

  • Instant Oxygen Activation

Heat + EMS + Air Boxing

  • Instant Penetration  & Soothing

Cool + EMS + Air Boxing

  • Instant Fascia Up

Heat + EMS + Air Gun



Heat X Air Boxing X Electroporation

Thermal Therapy

  • Highest Temperature:40 ºC

  • Thermal Therapy Helps to Level Up the Effect of Electroporation/Oxygenation Fascia Up

  • Also Have The Effect of Drainage,Metabolism And Purify

  • Electroporation: Speed up the Penetration with Thermal Energy and Electroporation

  • Oxygenetaion: Speed up the Blood Circulation and Oxygen Exchange

  • EMS: Relax Muscle and Fascia, Fascia Up


Cryo X Airboxing X Electroporation


Cryo Therapy

  • Lowest Temperature:-15ºC /Quickly Back to Cooling Condition

  • Best Soothing Treatment After Chemical Peel / LED Therapy / Laser Surgery

  • Cryo Therapy Helps to Level up The Effect of Electroporation / Oxygenation / Fascia Up

  • Electroporation with Serum got The Effect of Tightening,Pore Contraction,Smoothing

  • Can operate Cryo Function only or all Together

  • Sooth: Calm Down Skin Temp,and Comfort and Sooth

  • Tighten: Tighten the Muscle and Fascia after Thermal Therapy

  • Contraction: Pore Contraction

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