Ultimate Skincare Solution by Integrated TDDS

Maximize TDDS Performance

Plasmax is Developed for Aesthetic Clinics who want to Suggest Reliable and Interegrated Skin Care Programs to their Customers

Plasmax Provides Divers Drug Delivery Treatments Using Combination of Strong Plasma Energy, Sonoporation and Electroporation Functions

  • Skin Regeneration

  • Toning Effect

  • Sterilization


Plasmaporation Hand Piece

TDDS, Sterilization, Skin Regeneration, Toning

Plasma Hair Tip

Specially Designed Hair Tip Enebles Better Penetration of Hair Growth Solution

Sonoporation Hand Piece

Concave Shaped Sonoporation Tip Delivers the Solution Effectively

Electroporation Hand Piece (optional)

Stable Electroporation Hand Piece Provides Versatile Treatment Programs


Display                           :   7Inch LCD Touch Screen

Dimension & Weight   :  35(w) x34(D) x15(H)cm 3Kg

Input                               :   AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Maximum Output        :   Plasmaporation: “3.8Vrms”

                                            Electroporation:  4.6Vrms

                                            Sonoporation: 1Mhz


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