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Pico Second Laser

Real Pico Generates Highest Peak Power

& More Versatile for Advanced Treatments & Typical Conditions


  • Highly Safe
  • Effective
  • Fastest Laser
  • Fastest Results




  • Epidermal Lesions

  • Freckles, Melasma, Café au Lait

  • Age Spots(Semile Lentigos), Solar Lentigo(Sun spots)

  • Seborrheic Keratosis


  • Dermal Lesions

  • Various Colors Tattoo

  • Nevus of Ota


  • Becker's Nevus


  • Laser Toning

  • Acne Scar(Box, Ice pick, Rolling, Hypertrophic)

  • Skin Rejuvenation, Carbon Laser Facia


Treatment Advantages

  • Minimal risk and less pain

Since the Pulse Duration Has Been Reduced Thousand of Time, Less Damage of Skin is Realized.The Treatment is More Safe and Less Painful.

  • Suitable

Suitable for Skin Color From I-IV Skin Type

  • Optical  Beam

Optical  Beam Handpiece for Flat Top Square, Round

  • Reliable

Reliable Pico Booster Technology with Double Rod & Lamp for  Laser activation

  • Short  pulses

Very Short Picosecond Pulses

  • Satisfactory Treatment

The Principle of Laser Induced Optical Breakdown Cavitation Occurs in the Target Area (Epidermis or Dermis) and Stimulates Collagen and Elastic Fibers.As Cavitation is Formed with Preserving the Stratum Corneum Layer Intact, the Recovery Period is Shorten and the Effects of Scar Treatment and Skin Rejuvenation are Very Satisfactory in a Single Session.

  • High Energy & Short Pulse Duration

The Power Emit in Trillions of a Second to Treat Skin Tissue, which can Explode the Pigment Particles into Much More Small Smaller pieces than Traditional Q:Switch Laser. The Pigment Pieces can be Absorbed More Easily and Faster.

  • No Anesthesia

No Anesthesia During the Treatment, No Inflammation.

  • High Power

Allows Better Performance & Clearance of Pigment & Tattoo Inks without Collateral Damage. 

  • Fast

For Tattoo Removal, usually 6-10 Treatment is Necessary by Traditional Q:Switch Laser. With Pico Second Laser, Less Number of Sessions are Required. only 4-5  treatment is required.

  • No Chance of PIH

No Chance of PIH / Hyper Pigmentation after Treatment.

  • Low-energy absorption

Low-Energy Absorption: max 16 A

  • Intuitive Touchscreen

10.4” Touchscreen Glass Display usable with Gloves and Intuitive Graphical Interface

  • Articulated Arm

Korean Articulated Arm


Specifications :

Laser Type                       : Pico second ND: YAG Laser

Energy Level                   :  Max 800mj (1064nm);  Max 400mj (532nm)

Active Wavelengths      : 1064nm, 532nm (650nm and 585nm Optional)

Pulse Duration               :  700ps or 500ps

Repetition frequency   :  1-10HZ

Spot size                         :  2-10MM

Dimension                     :  90×45×170cm

Weight                           :  113kg

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