Mira Frac


Mira Frac

Most advanced transdermal technology for skin and scalp care 
Micro infusion rolling action Technology with RF plus EMS 
Skin lifting, anti-ageing, rejuvenation, collagen, under eye dark circles, improve skin tone, texture. 

Mira frac device feature: 


  • Mira frac helps active molecules penetrate deep into the skin with no downtime. 

  • Deep and replenishment and rich nourishment, stregthen Skin to absorb beauty product. 

  • High pressure double crank to control opening and closing. 

  • Helps to reduce blemishes wrinkles and marks. 

  • Mira Frac nanoneedles increase collagen levels to create new and young skin for a screen rejuvenation. 

  • Nano chipset for injection is suitable for skin and 100% safe which has no side effect after the treatment. 

  • Strong driving force ensure highest patient satisfaction, low maintenance and high revenue generation. 

  • Rolling wheel in front of the injector ensures a smooth rolling on the skin while operating. 

  • Vanadium Titanium metal used, completely close to the skin, without any side effects no metal residues.

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