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Korean Glass Oxy Facial

3 Steps Protocol


  1. Oxy Jet Helps to Blast the Dead Impurities from the Skin
  2. Helps in Infusion of Active Molecules
  3. Deep Penetration & Absorption of Active Molecules into the Skin


  • Purified & Highly Concentrated Oxygen involved in this treatment efficiently Regenerates Decaying Skin Cells & Reduces Detrimental Lactic Acid

  • Anions are like the Vitamins of Air. It helps in Infusing 3 million times the Anion Boosted Oxygen promoting Blood Circulation, Activate Cells, Boosting Immune System & Revitalise the Fresh Glowing Skin.

  • This Amazing System Pumps 98 % Pure Oxygen & a Super High Concentration of Anions (Negative ions)  into the Dome.

Oxygen Dome Therapy is an Innovative Tx uses a Hyperbaric Chamber provides Pure & Ionized Oxygen. These Air Vitamins Induce & Stabilised Free Radicals which in turn Regeneration New Cells, Reduces Bacteria, Rebalances pH levels.




Max Flow Rate :    5 L/M


Oxygen Purity : 90 % @ 1-3 L



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