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Dermal Infusion Hydra Facial

The Recolutionary, true Medicalgrade System works to Repair Skin at Cellular Level.

Delivers Significant Deep-Skin Therapy to Reveal Glowing, Youthful Skin with Just one Treatment !     

This Treatment is for All Skin Types.

It Synergestically Vaccum out the Pores while also Infusing Coctaill of Serums into the Pores to Maximise Retention. 

The Ultrasound Energy in Synergy with Cosmetics is induced by Controlling the Infusion Speed of Liquid with No Discomfort for Deeper Penetreation of Active Molecules

The Homogenous effect of RF Heat targets the Skin Surface & Subcutaneous Fat which Regenerates Collagen Fibres in the Dermis Layer to Achieve firming of Skin.

It Helps Improves Texture for a Photo-Ready Finish, Reverse Ageing, Rejuvenate Apearance

Complexion Blending Facial by Combination of Various Technologies

Aqua Peel + Ultrasound + RF

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