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1064 ND:YAG Q-Switch Laser

For Pigmented Lesions &
More Frequency-Doubled
Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser
Consistent Results from the Industry’s Work Horse

The Q-Switch laser represents a new standard for the treatment of
pigmented lesions.
What is an Nd: YAG Laser? Nd: YAG is short for neodymium doped
yttrium garnet. Nd: YAG is a term used to differentiate the
many types of lasers and specifically refers to the type of high powered
laser energy produced by the laser head that is delivered
through the machine’s hand piece.

Usually Nd: YAG is delivered through a 1064nm or a 532nm wavelength

Lasers used in aesthetic treatments can target:

1. Chromophore (Melanin)
2. Hemoglobin (Blood)
3. Water


What is a Q-switch Laser? Q-switching is the process of creating a sudden burst of energy in the form of a pulsed output beam that has high peak power, lower pulse repetitions and longer pulse duration’s. It’s like producing energy in a sudden burst instead of a continuous wave.

Imagine tipping a dump truck filled with sand all the way up and then opening the door and letting the sand fall out in one quick motion. The energy produced from the sand is much higher than if the door was opened and the truck was slowly tipped back. This sudden peak power is what gives the ability to treat pigmented lesions and tattoos much more effectively than a non Q-switched device.

The Q-Switch targets chromophore or melanin and is used extensively to target pigment and pigmented lesions in the skin. Since its debut, it has set a new benchmark for all Q-Switch Nd: YAG lasers with its patented technologies.

Power-Drift Device with Ultimate Quality
Elegant Design
Long Continuous Hours of Usage
Clinically Proven, Tried & Tested
Assured Results in Fewer Sittings
Short Treatment Time
Utilizing this high-powered yet low-pain Nd:YAG Laser, It has been used to address:
Epidermal Nevi
Laser Toning
Becker’s Nevus
Acquired, Bilateral Nevus of Ota-like Macules (ABNOM)
Nevus of Ota
Uneven Skin Tone
Collagen Remodeling
Caf au Lait spots
Skin Rejuvenation
Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation of Skin (PIH)
Smooth Wrinkles Polishing
Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus)
Sun Damage
Wavelength 1064 + 532 nm + Beam Expander Lens
Energy 600-1600 mj
laser Yag Bar Q7 or Q6 + Q7
Pulse Width <10 ns
Frequency 1-10 Hz.
Spot Size 1-5 mm (Adjustable)
Display 7” True Color Touch Screen Display
Output Power 800 W
Dimensions 50cm *33cm*26cm (L *W *H) (Model : Smooth QS+) 49cm*40cm *98cm(L *W *H) (Model : Smooth QC+)
Weight : 20 Kgs. (Model : Smooth QC+)

50 Kgs. (Model : Smooth QS+)