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NDYAG Q-Switch Laser Short Pulse with HTP Mode

BiAxis QS : 100 % Made in Germany

Bi-Axis QS is a full range instrument that is intended to treat the epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions, tattoos & collagen remodeling

It is based on the Q-switch Nd: YAG laser and can deliver nanosecond laser pulses at 1064 nm (infrared) and 532 nm (green) wavelengths. In free-running mode it delivers up to 2.2 J laser pulses with 300 μs duration. All three options are included in the model in default configuration.

The laser radiation is delivered via high-quality mirror arm, giving stable laser beam positioning and perfect beam quality in all positions. Hand piece gives a possibility to adjust the spot size from 2 to 7 mm for 1064 nm and from 1,5 to 6 mm for 532 nm with 0,5 mm steps.

Working mode 4
Energy 1,6J at 1064 nmand0,5 J at 532 nm
2,2 J in Free-Running Mode
(Collagen Remodelling, Melasma) at 1064 nm.
Spot Diameter 2-10 mm
Repetition Rate Upto10 Hz
Articulated Arm Spring compensated mirror arm
Display Color TFT touchscreen
Weight 43 kg

It gives a perfect fit of the spot diameter to the lesion size and reduces the possible side effects of missing the lesion borders.

The hand piece has a wireless connection to the system. It gives a high handling comfort and full hand piece movement freedom for physician, as no wires are attached to the mirror arm. Smooth settings of treatment parameters (fluency, frequency, spot diameter) gives physician a versatile instrument, adjustable for each patient individually.

Specific treatment parameters could be saved and recalled for the comfort of the physician. Software controls all the laser parameters during the treatment. Internal calibration system calibrates the laser before each treatment and insures the identity of set and produced values during the procedure.