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Brilliant 3D Rejuvenation

Vacuuming Fractional RF Technology

Benefits of Edge Line Pneumatic
Fractional Micro Needle RF :

  • Patented Vaccuming system make a strong suction at edge line
  • Less Bleeding with Suction
  • Easy Depth Targetting
  • Specialised Eye Wrinkle Reduction
  • Less Cluster after session
  • Minimum Pain & No Downtime
  • Vaccum Helps in easy Targetting & Tight
  • Contact to the Skin Tissue
  • Insulation Needle eliminates Post Side Effect


Suitable For Effective Treatment of Skin Rejuvenation

  • Pore,
  • Lifting,
  • Elasticity,
  • Fine Wrinkle,
  • Stretch Marks,
  • Skin Tightening,
  • Eyelid correction,
  • Wrinkle Reduction,
  • Management of Deep Scars,
  • Axillary & Osmidrosis Treatment

Edge Line Pneumatic Fractional Micro Needle RF :

1.After suction of the skin tissue at the edges lines with the vacuum, the skin and bones are separate through strong adhesion of the edges of the skin and can block blood flow and nerve that reduces pain,bleeding and side effects.

2.Thin & Deep RF Energy

3.Wide & Short RF Energy.

0.5 MHz : Deeper Penetration than 2MHz, Thin RF Energy & Little Painful



2MHz : 2MHz more energy density than 0.5MHz but not deeper and very narrow area