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Discover the Next Generation Skin Resurfacing Solution


• Skin Resurfacing                              • Stretch Marks
• Wrinkles, Rhytids & Fine Lines       • Blepharoplasty
• Pigmented Lesions & Lentigines     • Skin Tags
• Scars (e.g.: Acne, Surgical, Other)   • Warts           
• Textural Irregularities                       • Syringoma
• Dyschromia                                      • Actinic Cheilitis
• Solar/Actinic Elastosis                      • Actinic Keratosis
• Nevus                                               • And more!
• Incision & Excision Capabilities

Transform Your Practice With
The Robust & High Speed
Co2 Fractional Laser (RF Excited)


CO2 fractional laser causes a controlled and highly precise photo thermal effect into the vaginal mucosa, promoting tissue contraction and
tightening and returning its natural elasticity to the vaginal canal. The laser energy delivered along the vaginal wall heats the tissue without
damaging it and stimulating the production of new collagen in the endoscopic fascia. Procedures are easy to perform, have no complications and
patients recover immediately because nor surgery neither incisions are required. It is certainly the laser system for comprehensive treatment that women have been waiting for.

  •  10 minute procedure
    • Minimal discomfort or pain
    • No significant downtime
    • Low risk and little side effects
    • Suitable for almost all women
    • Achieves long-lasting improvements
    • Able to be used by certain patient groups who are unsuitable for HRT e.g. breast cancer patients
    • Most patients experience noticeable improvements after just one treatment
    • Indications : Improve Sexual function, Decreases Risk of Moderate SUI, Labial Trimming, Vulvar
    • Melanosis, Genital Warts, Vaginal Rejuvenation & Tightening, etc.
CO2 laser source RF laser tube ( coherent)
Output power 50W
Wavelength 10.600nm
Controller 10.4 color touch LCD screen
Pulsed radiofrequency 0.530W
Scan pattern Square, rectangle, round, triangle, oval, 6-diamond shape, line or customized graphics
Scan pattern size 0.1×0.1mm – 20x20mm
Scan mode Free scan; Sequence scan; Maximum distance scan
Spot size 0.01-0.07mm
Pulse duration 0.1-2.6 ms adjustable
Spot distance 0.1 -2.6mm adjustable
Pulse energy (power) 1mj to 100mj adjustable on LCD screen
Interval between scanning 0-6s
Laser apparatus Sealed off laser device stimulated by direct current
Condenser focus F = 50mm
Beam divergence angle 0.3 mrad
Aiming beam 635nm infrared ray
Beam transport device 7 articular optical arm
Cooling system Air
Program language English
Dimension of machine 35*30*117cm
Dimension of package 66*70*122cm & 13*34*40cm
N.W. 52kg
G.W. 72kg & 4kg
Packing Aluminum alloy case
Voltage 220V/ 110V