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OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology)

Super Hair Removal System


Stable and continuous flashing with icy cooling function ensure good result and comfort during the treatment.


• From 3 to 10Hz, the energy of every single shot should be stable. In the process of continuous flashing, the system should output the same energy for each shot. Only that can guarantee a good result and safety for treatment;
• It was originally designed for fast hair removal working mode. It’s optimal energy and cooling system support machine working at long time continuously;
• It has absolute energy advantage against other similar OPT systems in market which releases less and less energy for each shot in process of Continuous flashing;
• The energy is 3-5 times more than general device. Improper handle would lead to a very high temperature on crystal heating the skin. While It is equipped with a special water cooling system and installed with a complete sapphire as light guide. That is of vital importance to ensure stableness of system and comfort of treatment.


• OPT is originated from the In-Motion technology of Diode Laser system and getting more and more popular since 2013;
• Skin type I~V can be applied with the OPT treatment;
• It is featured that every single shot should be released with effective, continuous and stable energy from 3 to 10Hz.
• Compares with general pulse light technology, OPT is more optimal in terms of treatment safety, efficiency and comfort.

• IPL Painless Fast Hair removal
• Optimal Pulse Technology Fast Skin Rejuvenation
• Epidermal Removal /Skin Tightening
• Vascular Removal / Face Lifting / Dark Circles
• Acne Treatment / Acne Removal
• Blood Vessels Removal

• Fast hair removal combining the features of IPL and laser in one machine;
• Big spot size with stable energy output makes treatment more efficient and effective;
• Powerful power supply guarantee the same energy output of every single pulse;
• Standard configuration of two hand pieces used for fast hair removal and rejuvenation;
• Super cooling result offers patients very good comfort during treatment.

Technology Optimal Pulse Technology
Light Guide Sapphire Crystal
Warranty 100,000 shots
Light Frequency 1-10Hz
Energy of Shots Even
Cooling System Water cooling technology, Peltier semiconductor cooling
Working Mode Fast pulse & Stationary (HR/FHR/SR/FSR)
Handpiece 610~1200nm 50 X 10mm

530~1200nm 10 X 8mm

Power Supply 1400W
Rated Input Power 1700VA
Electrical Requirement AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/

AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz

Net Weight 50kg
Physical Dimension 420mm X 450mm X 1060 mm