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Unwanted Hair Gone Forever…..

Nd Yag Long Pulse 1064 nm :
Treats Mulitple Indications : Hair Removal,
Leg Veins, Vascular, Skin Rejuvenation

• In case of complicated vascular disorder, requiring high power density for treatment, a special lens tip can be used.
It supplies a 0,7 mm spot on the skin surface with power density up to 776kW/cm2 at 1064 nm.
• This powerful machine can generate laser pulses with peak power up to 1,5 times higher comparing to other lasers on the market.
• Light-weight hand piece with integrated powerful peltie cooling makes the procedures comfortable for the patient and handy for physician..
• Software controls all the treatment parameters and internal calibration system insures the identity of set and produced values during each treatment.

Wavelength Nd Yag Long Pulse 1064 nm & 532 nm
Energy 35J laser pulses at 1064 nm & green 532nm up to 8 J laser pulses.
Pulse duration 1-30 ms for single pulse and 30-200 ms for long pulse.
Beam diameter 2 mm to 10 mm